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Also for your convenience, please view Employer Benefits for Hiring Ex-Offenders.
Employer Benefits for Hiring Ex-Offenders
• Up to 100% in wage reimbursement for a 4 to12 week time period for eligible ex-
offenders from community workforce and faith based agencies
• Employee provisions for tools, clothes, and work related items via stipends from
workforce and community agencies
• Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC): The Work Opportunity Tax
Credit provides a tax credit for employers who hire certain low-income groups
including ex-offenders. This program can reduce your federal income tax liability
up to $2400 per qualified new-hire; call 800-877-8698 for information on tax
credits available.
• Federal Bonding Program: A fidelity bond / NO COST insurance coverage
designed to allow employers to hire job applicants considered “at risk” due to
their past life experiences; protecting employers against dishonest employees,
theft, or embezzlement. For additional information, contact 800-877-8698, 800-
233-2258 or www.bonds4jobs.com.
• Ex-offenders possess a large number of skills and qualifications needed by
• Ex-offenders are very enthusiastic to be gainfully employed and retain
employment, not just because of probation and parole conditions, but for self and
• Ex-offenders are randomly drug tested at no cost to the employer.
• Ex-offenders are individually monitored and/or under the supervision of a
probation and parole officer.